Small Fry Adventure

You are a group of small-time adventurers, doing odds and ends for various people in your home town of Merryweather

Cleared keep for Steve (mayor)
h3. Went to kill bandits for fishmonger
h3. found petrified people on way to meredith’s
h3. killed tieves at meredith’s and discovered magic mirror in attic

  • saw images of
  • army and monster in desolate landscape
  • nilrhem chanting in pool of water
  • army marching to merryweather
  • one more thing?
    h3. liberated haunted lady and gained house in ’ave’ollow
    h3. found dead medusa and sad story near petrified statues
    h3. visited fishmonger, saved wind from lycanthropy
    h3. talked to steve about tyrone recruiting an army, told him about visions
    h3. met tyrone, convinced him to let/help us find nilrhem
    h3. went to visit temple on way to farpoint, it’s burning, now facing down an umberlumberbeast



WilcoRogers NeuwenWolf

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