Ulrin Medvedson

Halfling Druidic Barbarian


Ulrin was raised by bears, the circumstances of his abandonment as a child are not known to him and he has no knowledge of his biological parents.

When he was 8 he was taken in against his will by a Ghostwise halfling Druid that took pity on this “feral child”.

When he was 13 his adoptive tribe was taken out by a duo of owlbears.
He survived by hiding under the bodies of his adoptive tribesmen, at the time still not sure about his feelings toward them, although he later admitted to himself that it was mostly self-preservation and cowardice that prevented him from helping out and hiding instead.
The owlbears left once they’d eaten their fill and he snuck away in the night before they got hungry again.

He was reunited with his bear parents, who initially distrusted him and his strange smell. At this point they were quite aged and as dementia began to overtake the aging pair, he had to eventually leave again as they began to turn on him, their memories fading.

He spent several years fending for himself in the wilds when the need for companionship eventually led him to contact another tribe of Ghostwise Halflings. This encounter didn’t go great as he was initially welcomed openly into the tribe and his uncouth, selfish and barbaric nature eventually led him to leave before the tribe could kick him out under their terms.

He eventually ended up in Merryweather where our adventure begins, while seeking a place where his particular set of skills would be valued. His intimate knowledge of the forest meant that he was hired as an expert on all things nature, particularly when tracking or navigating through the wilds.

He has a fairly high need for approval since he’s trying to fit into society. He’s just bad at how he expresses this, often trying to intimidate people into telling him he did a good job or that they like him. He’s wise but not bright. Very slow to pick up on social cues, but with surprisingly deep insights about life (especially when drawing comparisons to nature)

Ulrin Medvedson

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